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Roy Hill 33kV Switchrooms

PSD Energy were awarded the contract to supply 4-off 33kV Switchrooms for the Roy Hill Mine project in Western Australia to TAG Projects/Energy Power Systems. The Buildings were successfully completed and delivered to site in December 2014

Moreton Bay Rail Project - SFC (Static Frequency Converter)

PSD Energy have been awarded the contract to supply 6-off Modular transportable buildings for the Moreton Bay Rail project to GE for the Queensland Rail Network.

Total Plant Outage (TPO) Works - Ballera Plant

PSD Energy successfully completed all planned works during a major TPO time frame. The first of its kind for the Santos Gas Plant in Ballera, PSD Energy were tasked with completing major maintenance and upgrading critical equipment within the plant.

East Lake 132/11kV Substation

The new Eastlake 132/11kV Zone Substation was completed for energisation late in 2013 servicing growth in demand throughout the southern Canberra region. Eastlake Zone Substation was built in an environmentally sensitive area and therefore required careful management, planning and diligence to specific conservation requirements. The project consisted of 10-Bay Primary GIS switchgear, two off 132/11kV 30/55MVA Transformers, an 11kV AIS switchboard and the associated secondary systems to provide the necessary control, protection and auxiliary services. A permanent concrete-section building was constructed to house the primary and secondary electrical equipment, architecturally designed with colours and features to reflect the natural surrounding environment.

MT Barker South 275/66kV Substation

The project required the complete design of the new 275/66kV substation, this included civil, structural earthworks and electrical design. The secondary works included all protection SCADA configuration (Logica RTU�s) and on site testing.

贵州快3Civic 132/11kV Zone Substation

The project required the complete upgrade design of the 132/11kV substation including adding a third transformer, this included civil, structural earthworks and electrical design。 The secondary works included all protection, PSD Energy provided the protection and control panels including a full factory acceptance test and on site commissioning management。

Jackson Power Plant:11kV Gas Turbine

The project required the integration of a new 11kV gas turbine generator into the existing 11/415V infrastructure. The exiting power plant had 4 x 415V generators, the new 11kV gas turbine generator replaced the existing 415V generators. PSD Energy provided the protection and control panels supplied within the portable control room fully factory tested including the on site commissioning.

Cultana 275/132kV Substation (IEC61850)

The project involved the upgrade of the entire existing Cultana substation, the substation is an existing brown field substation so the work was undertaken in multiple stages. PSD Energy provided all protection and control panels installed in the PSD Energy supplied portable control room, PSD Energy Implemented an IEC61850 solution for the new Cultana substation.

Merredin 11/132kV Switchyard

The project involved the detailed design, supply and commissioning of the Merredin 11/132kV Switchyard. PSD Energy were responsible for the complete turnkey project delivery.

贵州快3Sino Iron Power Station 220kV GIS

The project involved the secondary design and supply of protection and control panels for the entire Sino Iron 220kV GIS Substation

贵州快3Western Australia Desalination Plant 132/11kV Substation (IEC61850)

The project involved design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 132/11kV substation for the WA Desalination Plant.

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