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PSD Energy employs a comprehensive in-house design team of qualified chartered engineers, design engineers and project engineers to carry out and certify detailed electrical design.

Primary Design and Calculations

  • Design Drafting of Substation arrangements, sections and details (AS2067);
  • Tubular and Strung busbar design including: sag, expansions, tension, short circuit, seismic, wind loading calculations (AS3865, IEC865; AS1170);
  • Conductor, busbar and bolted connection current rating calculations (AS1531, IEEE738, AS62271);
  • Power Cable sizing calculations (IEC60287 & CYMCAP Software);
  • AS3000 design and cable sizing calculations;
  • Insulation co-ordination assessment and studies (EMTP-RV Software & IEC60071);
  • EMF assessment and studies (CDEGS Software);
  • Earth grid design and assessments (CDEGS Software & IEEE80);
  • Specifications for substation primary plant;
  • Lighting design (AGI32 3D modelling);
  • Lightning Protection (AS1768)
  • Air Conditioning sizing (Camel Software);
  • Detailed bill of quantities and material;
  • Safety in design assessments.
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